Tripod Shooting Attachments

Tripod Shooting Attachments

Tripod Shooting Attachments: Saving You Time, Money, and Hassle!

If you are familiar with any of our posts here, then you already understand the importance of having quality hunting accessories, and more importantly, how monumental a shooting tripod is to your success as a sportsman. In a recent post, we spoke about what makes up a quality hunting tripod, but for the purposes of this post, we will discuss a few extras that truly make hunting tripods worth your while.
Tripod shooting attachments, binocular and scope mounts, stand and shoot rests, and camera mounts are all alternative compatibilities that you should consider when purchasing a tripod. If you are looking at a tripod that looks superior yet doesn’t possess most or any of these capabilities, then you should keep searching! In this post, we will talk about the above accessory capabilities, why they are important, and just how they work with hunting tripods.

Tripod Shooting Attachments
All hunting tripods come equipped with shooting attachments that enable the shooter to easily set the preference for how your weapon sits on the tripod. Some hunters like a more closed grip on the tripod to improve a steady hand, but some prefer an open faced rest that is not restricted. For more experienced hunters, an open attachment that does not restrict the weapon is nearly always chosen. The B.A.S.H product off the site also offers a stock compass just under the tripod shooting attachments; when the attachment is closed, the compass is shown.

Binocular and Scope Mounts
binocular and scope mount tripod shooting attachments for hunting tripod stand from bash tripodBinoculars are without a doubt a necessity when in the field. If you agree with this, then you might agree that an elk or deer hunt is worthless without a scope. Having the proper sight on your target makes the difference between a missed target and a kill. Some tripods are equipped with scope mounts, which is best case scenario, but without accommodation for your binoculars, you are faced with juggling equipment. If you’re smart, get yourself a quality tripod with a tripod shooting attachment and binocular/scope mounts.

Stand and Shoot Rest
stand and shoot rest tripod shooting attachment for tripod hunting stands manufactured and designed by bash tripodBesides accommodations for your accessories, what makes a good tripod even better? The answer is when a tripod can act as a monopod as well. If you’ve purchased a tripod that is more equipped for ground hunting and you are going on a deer hunt, don’t worry! The B.A.S.H tripods are all equipped with stand and shoot rests that enable any hunter to quickly shift from a low target to aiming at something at eye level. Instead of trying to pack two separate tripods, arm yourself with a single tripod that can handle it all!

Camera Mount
flashlight and camera mount tripod shooting attachment for tripod hunting stands manufactured by BASH TripodOkay, now we’re just getting crazy. Having camcorders and cameras when hunting is great to re-live the experience later and/or to monitor the efficiency of your shooting, but it’s almost out of the question to ask for a camera mount on a tripod; right? Wrong! Camera mounts are also standard on all B.A.S.H products and are spoiling hunters even further. If you are looking for shooting tripod attachments that will save you time, money, and hassle, look no further!