Tripod Hunting

Tripod Hunting

Tripod Hunting: What’s best: Monopod, Bipod, or Tripod?

tripod hunting by bash tripodHunting is a craft that requires a multitude of skill and preparation. I have come across a number of hunters that range from novice to expert shooters, yet all of them still ask the same questions pertaining to tripod hunting shooting rests; which is best? The question remains; is a monopod, bipod, or tripod hunting stand more efficient when hunting. In this post, we will discuss what purposes each variation of support has and we will also weigh the pros and cons of using these devices. So which is it; mono, bi, or tri? What will make me a more precise shooter? Which one is cheaper? All of these are questions that I get on a daily basis. Each hunting support serves a different purpose and is very useful for its respective purpose, yet of course, certain ones are better to use than others.

Let us take them one by one. First is the monopod. This, for novice shooters, is oftentimes the most useful tool. This is because it is without question the quickest of the three to align your shot. Because there is no need for adjustment, monopods allow you to fit well in small quarters and set up a shooting station at the drop of a hat. For instance, if you are mobile in the field and you are stalking an animal, monopods allow you to follow with minimal difficulty and allow you to make pin-point decisions. The final advantage for those who use monopods, especially in the woods or uneven terrain is that you can double it as a hiking stick! Stand and shoot rest plus a walking stick, nice! The only drawback, obviously, is that it is oftentimes unstable due to its single peg.

Now, let us consider the bipod. These devises are much more agile and accommodating than monopods. They are best suited for crouched, prone, and/or even bench shooting positions. Due to the two pegs, bipods allow you to stay in low positions and adjust much lower than monopods do. These devices are much more useful when in low positions but are also somewhat unstable, much like monopods. This instability is caused by the weight of your weapon shifting, causing the bipod to begin to sway. Although there are two pegs, your body is the third. If you are ever standing at awkward positions, it might be difficult to steady your equipment. Let’s now look at the benefits of a tripod hunting stand.

Finally, here we are. I hope that at this point we can agree that tripods might be the best option. If you haven’t yet guessed this yet, let me show you why. Tripod hunting stands are equipped with three leg supports making it easy to set up in most any terrain condition. This is best case scenario if you are on the side of a hill-face or if you are hunting in a very unlevel area. The other main advantage of tripod hunting is that you are able to get more add-ons to the device. Tripods support scopes, stand and shoot rests, rifle and/or bow rests, and binocular mounts. Certain monopods and bipods support a few of these components but it is extremely difficult to find one that will support all of them.