Hunting Tripod

Hunting Tripod

BASH Tripod – Hunting Tripod

The BASH hunting tripod provides hunters with a stable support unit that serves as a multi-use hunting accessory for both rifles and bows.

hunting tripod bash tripodThe B.A.S.H hunting tripod’s primary function is to make an ethical and steady shot, regardless of skill level or terrain. Our ultra-lightweight patented system is perfect for the modern hunter who is looking for a competitive edge in the field. The B.A.S.H. hunting tripod is a fully customizable “hub” that combines sleek design with the latest technology for an unforgettable hunting experience.

Hunting Tripod

This hunting tripod is compatible with bows, rifles, and shotguns. It helps eliminate any uncertainty by improving accuracy and providing consistency during you hunt. The fold-down bow-holder allows you to hang your bow properly, instead of placing your bow on the ground.

The B.A.S.H. shooting tripod includes a optics mount that can be used to house either a camera, to film your hunt, or spotting scope to aid in tracking your prey. Additionally, the tripod provides an arrow quiver to hold any extra arrows during your hunt.

Each B.A.S.H. tripod is produced with an anodized aluminum finish in either Mossy Oak or Real Tree camouflage. Used in conjunction with our other products, the B.A.S.H. hunting tripod, will dramatically improve the quality of your adventures.

Don’t miss your next shot, own the B.A.S.H. hunting tripod today!