Hunting Tripod Price

Hunting Tripod Price

The BASH hunting tripod provides hunters with a stable support unit that serves as a multi-use hunting accessory for both rifles and bows.

Hunting tripod price: Price Ranges Low to High

$149.99 hunting tripod price on sale by bash tripodFor all of you hunters out there that are considering purchasing accessories and are looking at hunting tripod price, you have come to the right place! We have been manufacturing tripods for quite some time now and have come across a multitude of pricing schemes and variations by other companies. As the search for a cost effective tripod might be daunting due to so many options, we hope to narrow your search by providing some figures of what to expect when purchasing. You can also reference another post on how to save money while on a hunting trip here.

To make the read of this post a little easier for those at home, we would like to break things up by price range and offer example so brands and what they offer for the price. Although prices differ on all of these items they are very similar in that they improve the quality of your shot. Hunting tripod price is something that turns buying a simple accessory into investing in an eventual commodity. To clarify, we will explain as we introduce the products.

Price Range ($50-$100)
The first hunting tripod price is $69.99 for the Do-All Outdoors EVOPOD3. This product caters to any beginner or novice hunter. This is a more basic model tripod but has capabilities to support both scopes and rifles. The next model under $100 is the Vanguard Pro T68 coming in at $89.99. This tripod is much more compatible with different sized rifles, which is incredibly useful, but it lacks supports for scopes, rifle rests, or binocular mounts.

Price Range ($100-$150)
This price range is by far the most advisable by hunting enthusiasts. This is because within $100-$150, you can usually get a really quality product and one that accommodates all your needs. The first tripod to look at is the Primos Trigger Stick Tripod at $109.99. This product has great durability but is silver and also lacks any accommodations for accessories. It is more compatible for larger game hunting but again, it is extremely basic for the price. Next, is the infamous B.A.S.H tripod. This option comes in two different camouflage colors, supports binoculars, cameras, scopes, and even comes with a stand and shoot rest. Without question, the best hunting tripod price on the market is at $149.99 for any B.A.S.H tripod.

Price Range ($150-and up)
These next two options are considered to be much more advanced than the others simply in terms of what type of hunt you are preparing for. For turkey, quail, or any other type of ground hunting, a smaller more inexpensive model might be a good route. However, if you are going for more big game, a more expensive tripod is often needed. The Vanguard Tracker 2 w/o Panhead comes in at $189.99 and is very supportive in terms of terrain and uneven ground. The legs are incredibly durable, but much like the next tripod we’ll consider, the Promaster T525P, the price is a little high. The final hunting tripod price we’ll look at taps out at $299.99 The Promaster T525P is a carbon fiber tripod that comes with multiple leg options and a central ground support to enable the use of large weapons. Again, as these last examples are nice, they are often overpriced for what the typical hunter is in need of.