Deer Hunting Stands

Deer Hunting Stands

Deer Hunting Stands: To Use Or Not To Use; That Is The Question

deer hunting stands to be used with the best hunting blind from bash tripod Many sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts pain themselves over the question whether or not to use hunting stands. In a previous post, best hunting blind, we discussed how hunting blinds and tree stands have gained mass popularity over the years and also covered what to look for when purchasing a hunting blind. In this post we will weigh the pros and cons of using deer hunting stands and why or why not that might be a good idea. For starters, let’s think of what a hunting stand is designed for.

Hunting blinds and deer hunting stands were created solely for the purpose of lowering the chances of detection by prey when hunting. Either of these products really serves different purposes, one is meant for ground hunting and the other for larger game animals. Although they were both designed as tools to remain hidden, much like the essence of camouflage, they are both entirely different and have very different levels of use. In this post, we will discuss just how convenient and inconvenient deer hunting stands can be and hopefully afterwards you can decide for yourself whether or not to invest in one!

Let’s first consider how a tree stand is designed. You are erect about 10-30 feel in the air, being held up by a metal camouflage structure. Some stands are actually created to be permanent stands so they are made of oak or a different type of wood, but that is another no-no all on its own. So think about it, you have to remain atop the stand for hours on end and simply wait for your target. Often times, stands are erect with only one forward facing seat, making it incredibly difficult to see behind you. This takes out about a third of your plane of sight and I think we all know how detrimental a loss of sight can be to a successful hunt. Although there are some setbacks, the one true advantage that deer hunting stands give you is that you have an overhead view of the field. Any hunting or combat situation for that matter calls for elevated ground if you want to have an advantage among targets. Elevation is key, but is that they only thing that makes it worth it?

The one true factor that makes stands somewhat irrelevant when going on routine hunting trips is that you are stuck in the same position for most of the trip. If you set up your stand and commit to a location, you know as well as we do that moving around can be costly when luring targets. Hunting blinds on the other hand allow you to locate high ground, set-up the barrier, and wait undetected for your target to arrive. Not only do hunting blinds still allow you to seek high ground, but they enable you to remain unseen, and do so within a matter of minutes. These are simply a few differences between the two devices yet in the end, you must do what fits the hunt. If you are going on a safari, I don’t think a simple hunting blind will do you any good. Visa versa, if you are on a turkey hunt a stand would be useless. To use a stand or not; that is the question.