Accurate Archery

Accurate Archery

Accurate Archery: How to Make an Archer’s Life Easier

BASH Tripod - Accurate ArcheryCan anyone tell me what makes for accurate archery and/or shooting? For both, the key is consistency of set-up. Once you have the technical side of things learned, it all comes down to practice. Setting up a shooting station or preparing your equipment for the shot is something that is often times the hardest task. When you have a split second to get your weapon ready, sight the shot, and shoot (weather it’s a rifle or bow) things can get incredibly difficult. That is why easy set-up is a factor that cannot be overlooked by those who aim to practice accurate archery.

Before we jump into how to make an archer’s life easier and how to practice accurate archery, I wanted to share with you a few tips that I have come across in my years of bow hunting. For those who read our blog, we try to include some tips and pointers in each post in hopes of educating those who are interested in becoming better hunters and/or shooters as a whole. So let’s get into it!

Balance, Balance, Balance
Since I began hunting and experimenting with archery, I was always told to push using my bow arm. What is meant by this is that people usually forget that the pulling arm in fact needs to encounter the bow arm! The focus is usually put solely on pulling the string back rather than understanding that you need similar tension on the other arm or else the forces on your skeletal structure will not compare. What is needed here is balance! If you focus on both the bow arm as well as the arm that is pulling the string, and you’re doing it right, the bow falls toward the target and the drawing fingers slide across your neck with incredible ease.

Know your limits
The one true difference between accurate archery and traditional shooting is the endurance that it requires. Shooting any machine can be taxing on your body and mind but in the end, a bow requires much more arm strength than normal firearms do. Having this in mind, it is best to understand that your bow is a high performance machine and you are not. When your muscles fatigue and you’re distractible, your shots often suffer. I have always said that practice is only efficient when you have good form. If you are growing tired and cannot master your machine like you do at first encounter, wait until your body recovers. This will in fact prove that you are accurate in archery.

Get the right equipment
The final thing I will share with you will be two-fold. This last tip will make your life easier, as well as, give you an idea of how to improve your efficiency when in the field. The last piece of advice that I want to give to you is; get the right equipment! I am not talking about your bow however, I am talking about accessories. What you need really need is a tripod. Tripods are not simply used for holding targets, like most archer’s think, they can also be used to store your bow when in the field. Some tripods have bow rests where you can easily store your bow, prepare for your next target, and let your arm rest when needed. All in all, tripods make for accurate archery; hands down.